Badgerys Creek the SMART way to go

 By Jim McGoldrick

 Help save Liverpool from Infrastructure Planning  Irreversible Nightmare

The Anti- Intermodal Rail and Road Freight Terminal movement is increasing in size every day. Liverpool City Council voted to fight against this proposal for Moorebank that will be detrimental to Health and Lifestyles of the residents of Liverpool CBD, Wattle Grove, Holsworthy, Casula, Chipping Norton & Moorebank with other areas being damaged by the domino effect of the proposal. It is even easy for blind Freddy to understand that the infrastructure of this part of Liverpool cannot cope.

The Badgerys Creek Airport site is the ideal location for this important infrastructure. The Commonwealth owns the site and all lands required for support services are already in place. The M7 orbital road is in place waiting to distribute goods to Sydney and beyond. The options for rail line connections are there ready for extension to link the site to the southern, northern and western routes. The RTA is upgrading the Northern Road now and this project can be extended.

The State and Federal Governments need to think of the future as other brilliant politicians have in previous decades. This Rail & Road Intermodal at Badgerys Creek needs to be built now to allow least impact on the community due to surrounding land being undeveloped now,  while allowing the option to boost good roads and rail infrastructure in the western areas of the Liverpool Growth areas before the housing boom arrives.

Better roads & rail connections to Western Liverpool, Camden & Penrith, with  many employment opportunities, will come with the Badgerys Intermodal this can outweigh installation costs. New release area infrastructure can be planned for the future.  

A cheap way out is not practical for a position like Moorebank, only shortsighted & boneheaded people would think to look at that option. We need to do it once & do it great to see some smart action by smart Governments.

The Rail track map of Sydney above shows that a rail link can be achieved using parts of unused lines and connecting into the now commenced rail link to areas from Glenfield to South West release town centres such as Leppington

To help save Liverpool we need everyone contacting their state and Federal Members and saying put it at Badgerys Creek.

You can write to your local newspapers, radio & TV to say “Put it at Badgerys Creek”


We need to show lazy Governments what People Power can achieve.


Put pen to paper, send emails, ring them. You only get one chance.

To get the first piece of visionary infrastructure in N.S.W. since the building of Bunnarong and Anzac Roads in the Eastern Suburbs around 40 years ago we need to push hard now.


Help save Liverpool from planning disaster

 Join the fight at:

I am not a faceless coward politician; I am available on Mob, 0410740399


About Jim McGoldrick

An Alliance of Residents and Professionals fighting for justice in Australia. Working for people not political parties
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