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An Alliance of Residents and Professionals fighting for justice in Australia. Working for people not political parties
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  1. Glen Hollebone says:

    Hi Jim McGoldrick and other concerned residents – 702ABC radio this morning (Tues 08/03/2011 approx 715am) had Barry O’Farrell on Adam Spencer morning show talking about widening the M5 if he gets elected. I called the radio station, Adam’s assistant put me through to talk to Adam while he was on the air.
    I commented that I have trouble now getting out on to Heathcote Rd due to heavy commuter traffic, cars, buses etc and the intermodal will add more traffic to the area.
    I mentioned that there was an information meeting being held on 9th March 7pm at Moorebank Community Centre so that residents can get up to date news on the intermodal planned for the area. Hope many residents hear this when I was on the air and turn up for more news on the intermodal plans for our area. Cheers from GlenH

  2. Damien says:

    I heard it and it reminded me to go to the meeting.Thank you Glen

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