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Do you think we have been having a few setbacks, only little ones? The truth is both Liberal and Labor Governments want both Moorebank Intermodals. Check out the items below and get ready for 24/7 Day coal trains from Wollongong to Lithgow with coal dust poisoning our air along the length of the rail line from Campbelltown to Blacktown. This for you will mean Glenfield to Fairfield (WHERE ARE THOSE NOISE WALLS ALONG THE RAIL CORADOOR ). Add to this the two Intermodal at Moorebank getting containers from Port Botany and Wollongong ports including the transportation of dangerous chemicals with the Millions of delivery & container trucks this will attract to Liverpool and all surrounding areas our own Government sanctioned “killing zones” caused by extreme pollution from diesel smoke from 50 year old poorly maintained diesel trains and millions of container trucks. Diesel emissions are being recognized all around the world as being big killers but our State and Federal Governments refuse to recognize or act on these proven studies of the diesel killers. Big business with big money to control government thinking and some unions that that are supposedly representing the poor worker and donate to political parties at election time, want all of this for you. Government, Business and Unions all think only of themselves and what is in it for them. The real people living here need to stand up and say “NO MORE” we have to live here. The Sydney Basin is known around the World for having severe pollution problems in its air retention basin and inversion layers of the area. Liverpool is famously the geographical centre of the air inversion basin that traps pollutants for days and weeks in the same location without dispersing, while other pollutants are added to the mix. All of these pollutants kill or disable people.

Air & Poison particles from Diesel trains &trucks trapped

If you are lucky enough to live closer to the east of Sydney you receive sea breezes that may help remove these poisons quicker. If you live in Western or South Western Sydney you get the buildup of poisons in the air blocked in by the blue mountains. The known effects are Death, lung problems, small intellectual development in children, heart problems, diabetes, cancer, lethargy, early mortality and sexual dysfunction, there is not enough space for the full list. Studies around the world have proven this but the murderers in our Governments and business leaders continue to push for more poison in Western Sydney because we are expendable in exchange for the mighty dollar. Already pollution from diesel poisons and chemical smog in the basin exceed World Health Standards many times a year because this rubbish will not disperse. Now we want to increase this problem with coal trains and increased by 25% container trains passing outside where you live. If you live within 10 kilometers from the hot zones of the rail track you will be attacked by these poisons. Governments and business line up to get our vote and our dollars. Do not vote for Liberal or Labor send emails and telephone your local Government members telling them they are gone if they try to kill you. People and environment come before greedy Government the Australian ent. The rail link from Wollongong to Lithgow via Moorebank will also bring more chemical and radioactive dumping at Kemps Creek site in secret. It appears for labor or liberal State Governments the easy option to dump unpleasant things at Kemps Creek out in Western Sydney. WILL IT BE LABOR OR LIBERAL WHO WINS THE CRAP AWARD FOR DESTROYING WEST & SOUTH WEST SYDNEY. At the moment the contenders are running neck and neck, it may be a dead heat, your dead. Years ago Labor and the Greens were fighting to save the Sydney Basin, what happened loose your ticker or sell out?

threatened--- Powerful Owl

How can a federal Government who introduced a killer carbon tax on the working community fund 600-700 million dollars to build a rail link to carry coal between Wollongong and Lithgow via Moorebank Intermodal? Should we take these rat bags seriously? YES, they are mad.

STOP these poison trains and killer trucks.


Join the fight, get on the mailing list of the fighters and do something for yourself and your family. These people can be destroyed and you can do it. Email to join list: leave your suburb and name with comment Web: Project: Stocklands says: Business & Councils say: Views expressed are those of Jim McGoldrick, , SWSCA©

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An Alliance of Residents and Professionals fighting for justice in Australia. Working for people not political parties
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