Moorebank Intermodal more threats next door

NO     NO    NO    NO 

Defence will be conducting a Community Consultation Forum in the West Wattle Grove area on the Defence Logistics Transformation Program at West Wattle Grove on the evening of Monday, 14 May 2012.

Briefing to Council by the Defence team, consisting of Air Vice Marshal Margaret Staib, Commander of Joint Logistics in Defence, Mr Dave McGahey,

This suggests, SIMTA Intermodal is still a goer and Defence National Storage & Distribution Centre will move to within metros of Wattle Grove homes and make Wattle Grove & Holsworthy a direct terrorist target.


The land suggested runs along Anzac Creek and is already heavily polluted by former munitions dumps and chemical spills. This area is already listed in Council records as being a contaminated site with deposits of , but not limited to Lead, Cadmium, Beryllium to name a few.

This will stir up these poisonous pollutants during the building stages, dust egress carrying dangerous chemicals will become a serious threat to Wattle Grove, Holsworthy, Hammondville, Moorebank, Liverpool & Casula residents and especially their children who react quicker to these poisons because of their tender ages. This poison dust will travel many kilometers

Once the storage facilities are built further munitions and chemical spills cannot be guaranteed not to happen. More noise will come into your homes and extra truck traffic with heaps of noise will further lock us in to the Wattle Grove Prison Camp.

 You will be given guarantees and promises from the Defence people, believe no one. By for many decades knowing the risks of this land and still wanting to continue while not attempting to chose a base location, this arrogance proves Defence care nothing for you or your family.


Be there speak out loud, get them to move the DNSDC monster away from residents and place it on Holsworthy military range.

 Remember you were promised open and honest Environment Impact Studies on the two Intermodal projects, what did you get, both Liberal & Labor Governments trying to do what they want .

I live here with YOU, I fight with YOU& speak out for YOU, your families & your homes.I have lived in Holsworthy, Moorebank & Wattle Grove for more than 25 years, this is my home, no one will take it away.

Jim McGoldrick

South West Sydney Community Alliance © Working for Social Justice.

email: 7674np@gmail

About Jim McGoldrick

An Alliance of Residents and Professionals fighting for justice in Australia. Working for people not political parties
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  1. What are Defence and the Government thinking. $$$$$$$

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