Moorebank Federal Intermodal Human Rights & Disproportionality of Resources

from our unnamed supporter:

I would like to discuss the concept of Human Rights & Disproportionality of Resources when individuals & small groups deal with very large entities such as heavy funded companies or Goverenments at all levels.

Examples are: 

The new system when proponents of major developments have years to plan a development. They have a army of specialists & consultants who prepared the necessary reports (almost invariably suiting the proponent). 

The reports are generally technical & sometimes written in industry specific gargon. In sort they have effectively unlimited resourses that are repaid by the taxpayer to overwhem anyone. Yet residents & other interested parties have generally only a few weeks to object & generally do not have the skills available to effectively evaluate the proposal. 

How can people who in a court of law be called “incompetent” & have full time jobs to support themselves & their families argue a case again heavy resourced entity who can employ highly technical people, as many as it takes, full time for asa long as necessry. 

What exacerbates the situation is that when the “dodgy” consultants reports are found to be incorrect it is too late. Too often the “experts” have been wrong & others suffered simply because they have disproportionate power.

There is a recent report in the media where it is claimed that residents had only a few weeks to reply to an 1,100 page technical document. To add to the problems they had to address the technical matters in thecnical terms. They have no hope & they is why a 1,100 page document was created. 

When Councils use ratepayers money to fight ratepayers in Courts. My concern is not the legitimate matters but when the Council is actually wrongly & win the case simply by bankrupting the ratepayer. The old saying is that “Council can spend as much of your money as needed to beat you”.

The same situation can occur with a business. This tactic has been used by some business to accure property. The relevant Governemnt authorities look the otherway during these processes because they don’t want to be involved in a David & Goliath fight.

The newest trend as seen in Queensland is specially excessive laws to protect Coal Seam Gas Miner’s from demonstraters. It must be a significant concern when the laws to protect a companies operation are so much greater than those intended to protect people.

I believe that larger entities such as larger corporations & governments are abusing human rights by denying individuals a right to have a say in matters that will; directly & adversely affect them.

About Jim McGoldrick

An Alliance of Residents and Professionals fighting for justice in Australia. Working for people not political parties
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