O’Farrell Government holds onto cancer report on M5……….. Is this claim true?????

O’Farrell Government holds onto cancer report

Posted: Thursday, 19 July 2012 | By: Andrew McDonald,Robert Furolo

The NSW Opposition is calling on the O’Farrell Government to release any report – draft or not – that they hold into the safety of air quality around the M5.
The call follows shocking allegations on Channel Seven last night that the Government has a report which shows increased incidence of lung cancer in residents who live near the M5 East, and doesn’t rule out a link to emissions from the smoke stacks at Turrella.
“On behalf of every person who will use the M5 this morning, and every person who lives near the road, I call on the Government to reveal the truth and release this secret report,” Shadow Minister for Roads, Robert Furolo said today.
“It’s as simple as this: if you receive a report saying that motorists or residents could be in danger, you release the report that day.
“You don’t sit on it. You don’t let your spin doctors come up with a media strategy. You let people know as soon as possible that there is a problem, and you let them know what you’ll do about it.”
Shadow Minister for Health, Dr Andrew McDonald said the claims are extremely serious and must be dealt with openly and transparently.
“If people’s health is at risk – the government needs to come clean today and immediately put in place an action plan to mitigate the dangers for local residents and motorists,” said Dr McDonald.
“People need to be empowered to make informed decisions that safeguard their health and wellbeing.
“This is an urgent situation that requires immediate action from the Health Minister.”
Mr Furolo said the Government should at the very least live up to its own pre-election promises.
“As a starting point, even in the absence of this report – when in opposition, Andrew Stoner committed the Government to placing warning labels on the M5 tunnel.
“Well if there’s a report saying there actually is a possible danger – they should fulfil that promise. Those warning signs should be up on Variable Message Screens this morning,” said Mr Furolo.

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