Alternate Badgerys Creek

Reports supporting Badgerys Creek and creating employment zones while opening up the West/ South West with infrastructure and new rail, road links.

Badgerys Creek consortium proposal to Infrastructure Australia

SL Infrastructure Reform – Western Sydney Full Report 151008 v61

Penrith Council proposal to Infrastructure Australia

PENRITHFinal IA Submission Report 28 October 2008

2 Responses to Alternate Badgerys Creek

  1. beetwo77 says:

    Thanks for posting the Badgery’s Creek info. It was interesting to read. As is to be expected, the documents are sales pitches for the BBC case, they focus solely on why Badgery’s Creek is good. They don’t really help sell the argument of why Moorebank is bad, or why Badgery’s Creek would make more sense. Without making this kind of argument we just sound like a bunch of NIMBY’s. Has any work been done to justify why Moorebank is not the best site for the intermodal from a logistical, long term planning sense as opposed to health concerns? I’d be interested to read and contribute to such discussions. I am not an expert but have some background that may be of use.

  2. Damien says:

    Beetwo77 could you please contact Jim Mc again if you haven’t already since this post.The campaign against Moorebank needs all sorts of people from all backgrounds utilising all their skills, knowledge and expertise to present the wide variety of evidence why the proposals are not right for Moorebank. All the government thinks is a quick fix to a growing freight problem. They are not thinking far enough into the future.

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